E cigarettes Cardiff

At our e cigarette shop in Cardiff we are totally committed to supplying a high quality e cigarettes for vaping, with honest advice and real value for your money! Our range of e cigarettes, Accessories and Juices are all high quality products, all tested to industry standards, The eliquids are all made from pharmaceutical grade ingredients and come boxed, the bottles are sealed. Vaping an ecig has been proven to be 99% safer than cigarettes. We supply Kangertech & Innokin Ecigarette Cartomizers, Starter Kits, Ego/510 batteries, Atomizers and UK Eliquid in our shop and online.

Not in Cardiff? Buy online and we will send your vaping supplies to you by Royal mail.

What are e cigarettes

You get the Nicotine hit as you would expect, but you don't get any of the tar or other bad ingredients of normal cigarettes. E cigarettes are not a cure for smoking, they are a more healthy alternative to smoking. We do supply in our Cardiff shop the "look a like" ecigs but also supply better models of e cigarettes which vastly outperform the look a like e cigarettes.. Many people have found it difficult or impossible to give up smoking. Nothing has worked because the addiction to nicotine is very strong, some say stronger than heroin. We can supply you with an alternative where you can still get all the pleasure of smoking but without the smoke. You get no carbon monoxide, no tar or 99% of the harmful chemicals which smoke contains. Your friends and family will thank you for not polluting their atmosphere and threatening their health. It doesn't matter if you don't believe that. they do. Many people give up smoking for years and then start again when they find that they miss smoking and when they feel low.